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Friday, July 14, 2006

Top 4 things the Lovely M. Mangas has said to me in the last 6 hours:

(and I quote)

1. I really wish my nunchucks wouldn't have gotten stolen.

2. "Man, you know what name i think is stupid? Wolf Blitzer."
"Yeah," I said, "that is stupid! That probably isn't even his real name. He just thinks it will make him be taken more seriously in the news world. That's like me calling myself Panther Smackdown".

3. Hey, did I tell you our friend Josh is in a drag show tomorrow at the gay club in Junction CIty. It's Asian themed and it's called Memoirs of a GAYsha.

4. Holy nonsense batman! THis shit in the middle east is really starting to chap my ass.


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