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Friday, July 14, 2006

...and one part sweltering hot hot heat.

This weekend, I’ll finally be checking out the New Busch Stadium! The Cardinals play the LA Dodgers, who happen to be in the middle of the NL West shuffle right now. I hear the ball park is amazing and the views of the Arch are beautiful. I can’t wait to share it all with you! I’ll be sitting behind home plate, club level (The Man finally pays out…), so you can watch for me on TV. The heat index for Saturday is 115’, so hopes are that we don’t spontaneously combust.

I'm not normally a huge Card's fan, but I love baseball, period. Who knows? Maybe Pujols will hit another game-winning walk-off homer tomorrow.


Blogger Mariah said...

You kill me! You are indeed multifaceted! I'd give a million dollars to hear your highpitched lilt coming from behind the plate screaming, "You call that a fucking OUT! You scurvy wop! God bless America!"

1:59 PM  

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